Self-Indulgent Travel Journal: Edinburgh to Tampa 1


5.38 am.

Yesterday I could feel the beginnings of something, a change of state, as I wandered town, picking up last minute gifts for friends back home, dithering about what to make for dinner. I felt my mind begin to relax, in the absence of stress about travel and in the presence of an affirmation, in the form of an acceptance to something I’d really wanted that came through this week, I felt buoyant, hopeful and creative. At the outset of a month-long holiday I felt capable of higher forms of thought in a way I hadn’t been while working full time.

Now in the midst of this change of state I’m attempting to affect another one. Moving from sleep to wakefulness has never been difficult for me, though the reverse has never been true. So I’m surprised to find that I feel almost human as I sit in bed (to which I have returned) fully clothed, waiting to leave the flat.

That being said I can think of little else to say but what I’ve already written, and I hope I get some sleep on the plane.

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