My first nonfiction book, They/Them/Their: A Guide to Nonbinary and Genderqueer Identities, was published by Jessica Kingsley in September 2019 – and can be got here, here, or at your local bookshop. 

In this insightful and long-overdue book, Eris Young explores what it's like to live outside of the gender binary and how it can impact on one's relationships, sense of identity, use of language and more. 
Drawing on the author's own experiences as a nonbinary person, as well as interviews and research, it shares common experiences and challenges faced by those who are nonbinary, and what friends, family and other cisgender people can do to support them. Breaking down misconceptions and providing definitions, the history of nonbinary identities and gender-neutral language, and information on healthcare, this much-needed guide is for anyone wanting to fully understand nonbinary and genderqueer identities.


Title to be confirmed! I’m currently gathering anecdotal data from as many aromantic, asexual and a-spec identifying people as I can from all over the world, to be incorporated into a book I’m writing about the experience of being asexual and a range of adjacent identities (for Jessica Kingsley Publishing).

I’m broadly concerned with all types of a-spec umbrella identities, including but not limited to asexual, aromantic, demi- and gray-ace, and I’ll be conducting interviews with as many ace-spectrum people as I can find, to make sure the book fully reflects the diversity of our community.

A range of topics will be covered in this book, including being ace/aro in the larger LGBT community, intersections or complications between ace and other minority experiences, relationships, dating and (having or not having) sex, different ways of experiencing attraction, and consuming popular (and other types of) culture as an asexual or aromantic person.

More info to come as the project develops!

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