I offer editorial and sensitivity-reading services at the rates listed below, and am available for speaking engagements about any of my work. I also run creative writing workshops around writing SFF from marginalized perspectives. If you’d like to engage my services as a freelance editor or sensitivity reader, please get in touch via email. If you’re a bookshop, museum, university, school, etc., and would like to arrange a visit, event, or workshop related to my books, please copy in my publicist, Harry Taylor.


sensitivity reader for transgender, nonbinary, queer, ace-spectrum and neurodivergent (ADHD) characters/themes: 
     £.007 / word, minimum £50

     £0.0018 / word

short story critiques (SFF only, up to ~10,000 words):
     £0.005 / word, minimum £25


Eris’ thorough, thoughtful feedback was a huge help during the editing process of Vile Stars. Their insights helped me to identify an issue with one scene that I hadn’t been able to put my finger on, and really helped things slot into place. Their work was swift, incisive and kind – I hope to work with Eris again.

SERA MILANO, author of YA novels THIS CAN NEVER NOT BE REAL and VILE STARS (I was a sensitivity reader for Vile Stars)

I went to use Eris’ help at last minutes notice. They were really responsive and willing to do the proofreading for my dissertation on short notice. Moreover, they were able to work within a tight deadline with a clear and concise review of my work, giving hints on where I can improve, and also helped me structurise my writing’s logic so I can deliver my message better. I definitely recommend their service as a proofreader.

REZZA RINOVA, MA in Environment and Development (academic proofreading)

Thanks to @aetherandichor for giving me stellar feedback on my WIP novel! They were very thorough, honest, and quick. #amediting #amwriting 

IRENE ELLIOT, author (I was a novel beta-reader, in my capacity as managing editor of Æther & Ichor fantasy magazine)


I am also a short story critic for Carve ClassroomCarve Literary Magazine’s creative writing course. Here are a few testimonials from CC students about the feedback I’ve given them on their work:

Eris’s feedback was honest, insightful, detailed, and clear. I appreciate their careful reading of my work.

I was actually very surprised and pleased with the critique I recieved for short piece The Pit that is Me. The strengths and points for improvement were highlighted and it gave my writing more direction. I will use this service again for my future work.

This was definitely the best $63 I’ve spent on my writing. Eris gave me such valuable feedback: the comments were so specific and personalized, so well thought-out and clearly articulated, so insightful. Not only will these’ suggestions help me improve this creative nonfiction piece. These suggestions will help me with ALL my creative nonfiction. Eris really hit the nail on the head regarding what I need to do to make this piece work. I felt like I was having a big-ass “AHA!” moment as I read through the comments. So thank you, Eris, for such valuable and helpful comments! I’m pretty thrilled with my first critique service experience and can’t wait to start my revision.

The critique was detailed and extremely helpful.