Defeating the Medusa: Hot Milk, a review.

Hot Milk, (Deborah Levy, Hamish Hamilton, 2016) represents another among quite a few recent departures from my usual fare of genre-fiction, a foray into the literary. The prose was rather jarring at first but I grew to like it as the story went on, especially as the main character changed and developed. Continue reading

The Body Fights Itself: The Vegetarian, a Review.

This book has been on the edge of my attention for a while now, I’d seen it on the shelves at work and on twitter and in various shortlists, and had the opportunity in August to listen to Han Kang do a live reading with The Bookshop Band at the Edinburgh Book Festival. This last event piqued my interest, but it wasn’t until this month that I actually had the time and wherewithal to actually tackle a book which-though quite short-I knew was going to be an intellectual commitment.  Continue reading