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I’m a queer, transgender writer and editor of SFF and nonfiction. In 2020 I was awarded a Scottish Book Trust New Writer Award for fiction. For more information about my current projects in-progress see ‘fiction’ and ‘nonfiction’.

My book, They/Them/Their: a guide to nonbinary and genderqueer identities, was published by Jessica Kingsley in 2019, and is available from any number of fine retailers.

I’m the Writer in Residence at Lighthouse, Edinburgh’s radical bookshop, where I chair events, blog and run workshops.

I’m also a short story critic for Carve literary magazine, who specialise in short realist fiction with a strong emotional core, in the tradition of Raymond Carver. Students of Carve’s creative writing course, Carve Classroom, submit short fiction for feedback. I act as a kind of short story “doctor”, diagnosing what about each short story could be improved, tightened up, or otherwise made more effective.


If you want to book me for a speaking engagement or freelance work as detailed on my ‘services’ page, please email me at erisyoung@outlook.com.

I can also be found on twitter and instagram.