I’m a queer, nonbinary trans writer, editor and a distant relative of John Harrison. I’m from Santa Ana, California, and I currently live in Edinburgh, UK. More info to come as I become more interesting.

I host creative writing workshops specialising in writing speculative fiction, using speculative techniques cross-genre, and using these techniques to help marginalised writers and youth to tell their stories. If you are interested in putting on a workshop and want to know my availability and rates, please get in touch at ErisYoung@outlook.com.

I also offer editorial services specialising in genre fiction, at the rates listed below, from proofreading and copy-editing to full plot structure and worldbuilding feedback. I will evaluate both fiction and academic papers. My services can be engaged by emailing ErisYoung@outlook.com.

proofreading: £3 per 1k words
     spelling, punctuation and grammar

copyediting: £7 per 1k words
     proofreading plus tone, clarity, pacing, etc.

full edit: £10 per 1k words
     all of the above plus plot structure and organisation, characterisation, consistency, etc.

sensitivity reader for transgender and nonbinary characters/themes
     £50 per project, subject to variation depending on the project



I’m a founder and editor at Æther & Ichor, a publisher of short fantasy stories. Our submissions guidelines can be viewed here. I’m also a resident reader for Carve literary magazine, book reviewer at Shoreline of Infinity and The Copperfield Review.

My writing will be featured in the anthology No Filter (Unbound, forthcoming), a collection of essays about millennials. My essay will be a poststructural view of nonbinary gender from a millennial perspective. We’re crowdfunding the book, meaning we need to raise money BEFORE we can publish, so please consider pledging here!

I write short genre fiction, which has appeared in Bewildering StoriesEsoterica and Scrutiny. In November I completed NaNoWriMo; my project, such as it is, can be viewed here.

I’m also a Blackwell’s affiliate, meaning that if you buy a book from Blackwell bookshop online using a link from one of my posts, I’ll get a share of your purchase at no extra charge to you.



REZZA RINOVA, MA in Environment and Development:
I went to use Eris’ help at last minutes notice. They were really responsive and willing to do the proofreading for my dissertation on short notice. Moreover, they were able to work within a tight deadline with a clear and concise review of my work, giving hints on where I can improve, and also helped me structurise my writing’s logic so I can deliver my message better. I definitely recommend their service as a proofreader.

[in my capacity as novel beta-reader, through Æther & Ichor mag]
Thanks to for giving me stellar feedback on my WIP novel! They were very thorough, honest, and quick.  

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Photo credit: Laura Shand