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I’m a queer, transgender writer and editor. I’m from Santa Ana, California, but I currently live in Edinburgh, UK.

In 2020 I was awarded a Scottish Book Trust New Writer Award for fiction. Over the course of this year I will (hopefully!) be writing a fantasy novel set during the Byzantine empire. For more information about this project see ‘current projects’.

My book, They/Them/Their: a guide to nonbinary and genderqueer identities, was published by Jessica Kingsley in 2019, and is available from any number of fine retailers.

I’m the Writer in Residence at Lighthouse Bookshop. Lighthouse is Edinburgh’s radical bookshop, which means that their selection is curated to align with the political and ethical values of the staff (and the customers!) This means that they stock not only an amazing selection of nonfiction books and memoirs about LGBT issues, racial and class justice, feminism, immigrant and refugees’ struggles, disability and mental health, and a hundred other subjects, but also a wide array of diverse fiction in a number of genres. As writer in residence I organise approximately one event per month (though our events schedule has been disrupted due to the coronavirus pandemic), be it a reading with local authors, a writing workshop or just a mixer for local literary types. I try to keep my events aware of – if not entirely focussed on – current affairs, minority voices and social issues. I love working with Lighthouse because not only do they give me incredible freedom to put together events that I find personally interesting, but also being exposed to the sheer number of excellent books they stock and their incredible general events schedule means I’m constantly inspired to read and create and organise more.

I’m also a resident reader for Carve literary magazine, who specialise in short realist fiction with a strong emotional core, in the tradition of Raymond Carver. What this means is that I read contest submissions for Carve’s annual contests, and I give critiques to students of Carve’s creative writing course, Carve Classroom. Carve are an excellent magazine, committed to publishing “honest fiction” and making space for marginalised voices. I highly recommend you give them a read!



I run creative writing workshops specialising in writing short speculative fiction, using speculative techniques cross-genre, and using these techniques to help marginalised writers to tell their stories. If you are interested in working with me to put on a workshop and want to know my availability and rates, please get in touch at ErisYoung@outlook.com.

I also offer editorial services specialising in genre fiction and academic papers, at the rates listed below, from proofreading and copy-editing to full plot structure and worldbuilding feedback. My services can be engaged by emailing ErisYoung@outlook.com.

proofreading: £0.018 / word
     spelling, punctuation and grammar

copyediting: £0.02 / word
     proofreading plus tone, clarity, pacing, etc.

sensitivity reader for transgender and nonbinary characters/themes: £0.05 / word



REZZA RINOVA, MA in Environment and Development:
I went to use Eris’ help at last minutes notice. They were really responsive and willing to do the proofreading for my dissertation on short notice. Moreover, they were able to work within a tight deadline with a clear and concise review of my work, giving hints on where I can improve, and also helped me structurise my writing’s logic so I can deliver my message better. I definitely recommend their service as a proofreader.

[in my capacity as novel beta-reader, through Æther & Ichor mag]
Thanks to for giving me stellar feedback on my WIP novel! They were very thorough, honest, and quick.  

on my short fiction critiques:

Thank you for your review of my work, [title]. I appreciate the balanced feedback you provided, from improvements I need to make as well as what I do that works. Your critique is clearly written. I cannot disagree with anything you said. Importantly, I know what I need to do to improve this story and enhance my writing moving forward.
– B.S., Carve Classroom student

Thank you so much for this – I really appreciate it and am looking forward to rewriting!
– S.B., Carve Classroom student

Incredibly helpful. 🙂 
– J.S., Carve Classroom student

Thanks for your thoughtful and thorough critique of my story, [title]. It will be a helpful tool as I work my way through the next drafts.
– H.R., Carve Classroom student